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Tenant Build Out


Regional Builders has a thorough understanding of commercial construction projects of all sizes. We have developed a tailored Tenant Improvement Services Program focused on each project’s unique challenges.

One of the many commercial construction types of work we offer is Tenant Improvement Services (TI Services). Think of Tenant Improvement Services as a makeover. Whether you’re a defense contractor, doctor’s office, law firm, gym, bank, restaurant, or any other commercial or small business, a rentable space that looks like a box with four-plain walls, a ceiling, and floor may not quite cut it for you. With our tenant improvement services, we can improve upon this space for you.

Every company has specific needs for an office/retail space based on their specific. Some tenants may need a lot of private spaces. Some tenants may need a lot of counter space or shelving. Some tenants may need areas for certain equipment. Without the proper attention to detail, your space cannot suit your needs to the full extent. The inside of a dentist’s office does not look like the inside of a law firm, because – these two businesses have different objectives, needs, and clientele. A company’s office can also be a representation or a symbol of their brand, so you want your space to help define your brand to your customers/clients.

No matter what the empty rental space looks like, our experts at Regional Builders can help transform the interior to fit exactly what you need to run your business efficiently.


Tenant Improvements Services We Offer

TI can include changes to the floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, painting, etc. At Regional Builders, we construct TI services on commercial offices,  medical spaces, restaurants, retail spaces, business offices, educational facilities, and more. Our TI services include the following:

  • Interior renovations to an existing commercial space/building/office. The renovation will reflect your business, its needs, and your clients’ needs. We revamp the space to be more inviting and appealing.
  • We can add on an addition that will look like it’s always belonged to the rest of the office space. A business may need an addition to accommodate a larger number of employees, clients, equipment, or inventory.
  • Exterior renovations to an existing commercial space/building/office. We make the exterior more modern and inviting, while also accurately reflecting your industry and brand.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations all while sticking to a timeline and budget.


Tenant Improvements Process

With our Tenant Improvement Services, we know the space is crucial to getting your business up-and-running, so we work hard to get the job complete on time and within budget. We work closely with our clients every step of the way. We believe in open communication. Every decision gets us one step closer to satisfying our client’s needs and finishing the product.  Our team of contractors, subcontractors, and designers work together to design, renovate, and build a space that makes your vision a reality.

When conducting TI services, some improvements and modifications are more serious than others. With each change we make, we promise we do not compromise the structural integrity or stability or the space or building – you and the building will be safe.

Our team is experienced, skilled, creative, and innovate – led by strong leadership to successfully deliver your TI project as promised. We pay attention to details, have excellent communication and management skills, and know how to problem solve. We deliver results.

Looking for Tenant Improvements Services?

Our team at Regional Builders works hard to get your space built right, while meeting design, budgeting, quality, and functionality requirements, so you can start being profitable.

We are a trusted, reliable general contractor that will deliver you a high-quality space. We have built and renovated many office/retail/business spaces and buildings.

Some projects and spaces are like starting from a clean slate: four walls, a ceiling, and floor. Other projects and spaces require a lot of shifting and removal based on how many existing structures and mechanical/electrical work is there and needs to change. Whether simple or complex, our team at Regional is skilled to handle any job and we are eager to take it on!