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40, 42, & 44 Inverness Center Parkway

Office / Medical

Regional Builders has established a strong hold among the general Contractors servicing the Birmingham, Alabama community.  In 2023, Regional was awarded the renovation project by a Florida investment firm for the updating of a 450,000 square foot class A office project, formerly occupied by Southern Companies. The estimated renovation costs over the initial 12 months of the project were over 1.2 million dollars. Regional Builders took the helm of this ambitious project, leveraging its expertise to breathe new life into the Class A office space. The investment firm recognized the potential of the Inverness Office Complex and entrusted Regional Builders to elevate it to contemporary standards.

Within the project’s timeline, Regional Builders achieved significant milestones, completing build-to-suit renovations for over 25,000 square feet of space to accommodate the needs of new tenants. 

The versatility of the renovated space caters to both Class A and Medical Tenants, showcasing Regional Builders’ adaptability in meeting diverse requirements.

One of the notable aspects of Regional Builders’ approach is the provision of aggressive pricing for buildouts, aligning with the investment firm’s vision to enhance tenant experience while increasing occupancy rates. This strategic collaboration between Regional Builders and the investment firm has resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership, driving value and savings throughout the renovation process.

With an estimated total renovation cost surpassing 4 million dollars, the Inverness Project stands as a testament to Regional Builders’ commitment to excellence and innovation. As the project progresses, the Inverness Office Complex is poised to emerge as a premier destination for businesses seeking modern, state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Birmingham.

Regional Builders continues to shape the landscape of Birmingham through transformative projects like the Inverness renovation, contributing to the city’s economic growth and reinforcing its status as a leader in the construction industry. The Inverness Project not only revitalizes a substantial office space but also sets the stage for a dynamic and thriving business environment within the Birmingham community.

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