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Flyte Plan Wine and Tapas

Restaurant Buildout

The Flyte Plan Wine and Tapas build out boasts a meticulously crafted interior that reflects sophistication and elegance. The construction build out of this upscale restaurant was expertly executed by Regional Builders, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. The 2400 square feet layout is thoughtfully designed to optimize the available space, providing an intimate and cozy setting for patrons to enjoy their wine and tapas. The strategic placement of tables and seating arrangements ensures a comfortable and private dining experience. The interior design seamlessly integrated modern elements with a touch of classic charm, creating an inviting and refined atmosphere. The use of high-quality materials and tasteful finishes enhances the overall aesthetic, elevating the dining experience for guests.

The construction cost of $146,000 underscores the commitment to quality and precision in bringing the tenants vision of Flyte Plan to life.  Every aspect of the build-out from the flooring to the lighting fixtures had been carefully selected to contribute to the restaurants upscale and sophisticated ambiance.  The attention to detail in the construction build-out, coupled with the upscale design, makes Flyte Plan a standout establishment that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression on all who enter.

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