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Lockheed Martin

Office Space Build Out

Regional Builders completed a complete renovation of the second floor of Lockheed Martin’s Huntsville base at 5025 Bradford Drive, located in the prestigious Cummings Research Park the second largest research park in the world.  The project spanned 368,000 square feet of office space.  The strategic layout of the space reflects the dynamic needs of Lockheed Martin’s workforce.  Collaborative work areas, cutting edge meeting rooms, and flexible spaces were seamlessly integrated to promote teamwork and creativity.  Managed with exceptional efficiency, Regional Builders successfully completed this ambitious renovation in less than six months, a testament to their dedication to meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality. The project required a significant investment, with a total renovation cost exceeding 1 million dollars. This financial commitment underscores Lockheed Martin’s dedication to providing its workforce with a cutting-edge and inspiring workspace.

The transformed second-floor office space at Lockheed Martin’s Huntsville base is a showcase of excellence in design, construction, and technological integration.

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